Design Gallery


Store after store. Showroom after showroom. Even exploring popular sites like Houzz and Pinterest for ideas – choosing the right design elements can be tricky when building a new home.

Keep your time invested and the budget in-check with our in-office Design Gallery.

Staying on top of today’s design trends and materials, while avoiding fads that will fade quickly, is the key to a timeless design. We’ve compiled the most popular, budget-friendly finishes from exterior stone samples to faucets and more, all in one location. Working with Colleen, our Design Specialist who has dozens of awards, you’ll explore all of the possibilities for your home without having to “showroom hop” about town. You’ll save precious time – so you can spend it relaxing with your friends or family instead.

Through a series of meetings, you’ll have fun picking out exterior materials, interior choices like flooring and fixtures, and even selecting paint colors – all with the help of a Design Specialist who can help the vision for your new home become a reality. It’s simplicity, a large selection, and cost control all in one location! And, if you choose to upgrade from our generous selection of materials and fixtures seen at our showroom, our team will work with you to find the right product, quality and price point for your home.

To learn more about our Design Gallery or see our award winning design, visit one of our model homes today!