Thirty-plus years of experience as your Wisconsin home builder, and always building forward.

“Award Winning Design” is a phrase that is often overused. We prefer, “I fell in love with the Demlang model home and just kept coming back.” With convenient features and generous standard inclusions, including our Energy Savings System, it’s no wonder people can’t get our award winning designs out of their head. Our selection of homes and lots for sale throughout Waukesha, Milwaukee, and surrounding areas also offers convenience, affordability and peace of mind. Let us help you find that breathtaking piece of land you’ve been searching for, or that ideal home for your growing family. From building your new home in Waukesha to finding the perfect lot for sale in Hartland, to planning a Northwoods escape, choose Demlang home builders of Wisconsin.


Open Model Homes

Stop on by – your new home!

Visiting a model home is a great way to get a first hand look of how you envision your new home will look and feel. Whether you see yourself having cookouts on the back deck, a maintenance free exterior, or a kitchen that becomes the gathering place at every party, exploring one of our Model Homes is a great way to see into your future.

Our homes are built to rigorous construction standards and are Focus on Energy certified homes.

We currently have open models in Hartland and Delafield. In addition, many of our open models are for sale, so you don’t have to wait any longer to see yourself in your new home!

Come visit us and we’ll build a relationship today, and your new home tomorrow. Most models are open weekends from noon to 4 pm or by appointment.

Visit Our Models today to see our innovative new home designs and energy efficient technologies for yourself.

Open Model Homes:

The Dakota
The Dawson

Demlang Homes -The Dakota

Hours: Saturday & Sunday, Noon-4 PM or by Appointment (Holidays Excluded)


Energy Efficient Homes

Rated for High Performance, Savings and Comfort

Energy efficiency and lower monthly utility bills are important to you, so they’re important to us. We stay current on building trends, such as being Focus on Energy certified, and get up-to-date green building practices to bring the best to your new home.

Building comfortable, family-friendly homes that cut down on high energy costs.

Green building is such a buzz word today. But, how can you be certain you are maximizing on the products and building techniques out there? Today’s standard of energy ratings is the Home Energy Rating System – or HERS. The lower the score, the higher the home’s performance. Many of today’s new homes are built on cost alone, and rate in the area of 100 points. We invest in third-party independent inspections to prove that Demlang HERS scores are in the 50’s – which means your energy savings and comfort will be maximized. We’ll even provide your home’s HERS score prior to your move-in, ensuring you get exactly what you expected – lower utility bills and maximum performance from your new home.

Throughout every step of the build, we incorporate the following Performance Tests into our homes:
  • Blower Door Test – to determine just how leaky the house may be, and to locate air leakage locations throughout the home.
  • Infrared Scanning – By itself, and in conjunction with the blower door test, allows us to locate cold spots and air leakage points or insulation flaws in hidden locations.
  • HVAC Airflow Testing – We measure supply and return airflows from the furnace (if this is how your home is heated) to ensure that the system is reasonably balanced.
  • Ventilation System Testing – It is important to recognize that airflows from ventilation equipment can be a large factor in the home’s ability to expel moisture/odors from the home.
  • Duct Tightness Testing – Duct Blaster testing if any ductwork is located outside conditioned space or other compliance objectives.


If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well

At Demlang Builders, we aren’t a production builder. While we have a set of semi-custom homes – ones that are easily modified, we give people that “individual designed feel” throughout the building experience.

Our motto is, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well” and that is reflected in every home we build.

From our decades-long trade contractor relationships to the products we choose to put in our homes, we follow that simple rule. From relationships, to project management software and more, our goal is to do well by you and your new home.

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View Open Models

Visit a model home today and find out for yourself.